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We attract values-aligned people to work across our hospitals at every level, in every area and every department. Our support roles including corporate services and estates and facilities functions are the foundation of our trust. The everyday running of a hospital is no small task and everyone working within them is invaluable. 

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What it means to be a Housekeeper with ULHT

Housekeeping a vital role in maintaining to very best of care for our patients. Health and safety will always be a priority and housekeeping ensures this quality is of the highest standard, reducing the potential of furthering infections, viruses and harm to our patients. Working as part of a team alongside colleagues in other departments and areas of the hospital, housekeeping ensures our colleagues can work to the best of their abilities.

The ability to work in different areas of the hospitals, around different situations means each and every day is unique. Housekeepers hold the opportunity to set the tone for our patients, to make them feel comfortable in their surroundings.


“Being a housekeeper for ULHT is a nice rewarding job. It’s an opportunity to have a chat to patients and make them feel relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings.”

– Karen Goodess, Housekeeper
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