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The very best of care, from the very best of people.


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We want to attract medical professionals who can help us deliver our vision of ‘Outstanding Care, Personally Delivered.’ We offer all major specialities, acute disciplines and a variety of community services to the people of Lincolnshire and neighbouring counties.

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What it means to be a medical professional with ULHT

We are looking for innovative and skilled medical professionals who have a passion for research and development. As a medic at ULHT, you will have the opportunity to make a real difference to both our patients and our practice, and will be encouraged in every opportunity to grow, discover, and share best practice. You will be supported in your personal career goals, including the development of any specialist interest.


“You know that you’ve made a difference…”

– Michelle Green, Clinical Educator HCOP
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We are on the look out for exceptional people to join the ULHT team
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